Community Development Corporation


A.T.A.P. Community Development Corporation is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Organization that serves as the outreach arm of Gospel Tabernacle Church to reach into the community to serve, enlighten, and enhance people to achieve their highest potential.


38,000+ REACHED


3000+ Families

3000+ Families

3000+ Families

Served monthly offering fresh fruits and veggies, variety meats, breads, and canned goods through our Food Share Program


1000+ Youth

3000+ Families

3000+ Families

Served five-days per week across three counties in the black belt region during the school year, and/or twice daily during summer months through our Youth Feeding Program.


1750+ People

3000+ Families

1750+ People

Served annually through ATAP CDC and GT Human Resources Department‘s community outreach efforts to provide toys for children, blankets, cloths, and coats for the homeless, and assistance for those in need.



A. T. A. P. CDC was formed in October of 2008 and serves as a subsidiary of Gospel Tabernacle Church. Since its inception, A.T.A.P. has partnered with other entities such as the City of Selma, Dallas County Family Court, Dallas County Children’s Policy Council, Dallas County Department of Human Resource, Selma City Schools , businesses, churches and non-profit groups to improve the way of life for many within the black belt.


It is our belief that we are the hands and feet of God and we were placed on earth to serve others. Under the umbrella of the Gospel Tabernacle Church and A.T.A.P CDC, we manifest this belief by feeding, clothing, and assisting with basic necessities for those in need. We believe that strengthening families is the key to thriving communities, which begins with us. Our philosophy is that if you improve life in the home, you improve lives in the community, the city, and ultimately the world. 

Through the Kick Start Feeding Program we are able to feed over 1,000 youth per month in three counties across Alabama’s blackbelt region. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday to youth 18 years and under during the school year, and twice daily during summer months.

Our most impactful services come through our Food Share Program which distributes fresh fruits and veggies, variety meats, breads, and canned goods to families twice monthly across several counties and locations. 


Volunteers are our most valuable resource in begin able to serve the community. We are always recruiting individuals that are ready and willing to serve.